Living Word Devotional By Pastor Mensa Otabil. 

Thursday, 24th August, 2017


Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you. – Deuteronomy 31:6

The world has never been more advanced technologically, yet we have never been in worse condition spiritually and morally. It can be frightening when you think of what kind of world we are going to face and what kind of world our children and grandchildren will grow up in. We need courage to live in these days as followers of Jesus Christ. Yet courage seems to be something that is in short supply today. Sometimes we forget what real heroism and real courage really are. We wonder where all the heroes are now.

Any true follower of Jesus Christ who stands up for what he or she believes is a true hero. It takes courage to be a follower of Jesus, to live an uncompromised life, to do the right thing, and to proclaim the gospel.

It takes courage for a young Christian to resist peer pressure and remain sexually pure until marriage and then to be faithful in that marriage. It takes courage for a family to stay together and to resist the temptation to cave in at the first sight of a problem or a challenge to the vows they have made to one another. It takes courage today to be honest and not cheat. It takes courage to follow Jesus. It takes a real man and a real woman to take a stand for Jesus.

Do you have the strength and courage to live for Jesus? Are you someone who fears nothing but sin, and desires nothing but God? Be strong and courageous because you are not alone, God is with you.

Prayer: Lord, give me more courage to live for you.

Scriptural Reading: Deuteronomy 31:1-8


Living Word Devotional By Pastor Mensa Otabil. 

Tuesday, 22nd August, 2017


Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth. – Matthew 5:5

Meekness is also referred to as gentleness. On the face level it may be seen as a weakness but on closer examination, we perceive its strength. Meekness is the ability to apply strength and power without injuring the weak. For a person to be meek, he or she must first of all be strong and be aware of their strength. It is the ability to exhibit strength with grace and care.

Meekness is an attitude of submission toward God and gentleness toward men. Meekness is:

• A recognition that God is in control

• Strength and courage under control

• A sober estimation of ourselves

• Respect for others

In the Old Testament, meekness was in relation to suffering, oppressed, afflicted. It refers to the spirit of people who remain unbroken under the pain and burden of their suffering. It is the strength to endure hardship and prevail in the end.

People who are meek look soft on the outside but are very tough inside. They dress their strength in garments of humility and service. They may not brag about their strengths but they deliver beyond expectation. They are the opposites of talkers who never perform. Jesus says those who have this disposition are the ones who really end up taking possession of the earth and its fullness.

Meekness expresses a spirit of willingness and obedience towards God’s dealings with us. It is that disposition of heart that accepts God’s dealings and is able to quietly and without boasting believe God for the unusual. Do you want to be a world changer? Be meek!

Prayer: Lord, I submit myself to you that your strength will be made perfect in my weakness.

Scriptural Reading: Matthew 5:1-12


Living Word Devotional By Pastor Mensa Otabil. 

Monday, 21st August, 2017


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. – 2 Corinthians 5:17

Marketing experts discovered long ago that a good way to sell a product is to add the words “new and improved.” The only thing that may be new and improved is the box, but we believe the product is better. There is something in us that loves the newest and the latest. But everything that is new soon becomes old. We purchase a new car, but the following year we set our eyes on the newest model. We get a new gadget, but it breaks the day after the warranty expires. We buy new toys for our children, but they spoil them in no time.

We all have insatiable desire for new things. We crave for new clothes, new cars, new houses, new friends, new career, and every-thing new. But getting new things will not satisfy our inner cravings. They may bring some little excitement into our lives but after some time they leave us dry and empty. This is because we are still the same old person in the inside. New surroundings or new appearance can’t satisfy our desires. We need a change in the inside of us. And it is only God who can give us that change. The Bible say, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things are passed away; behold, all things have become new”.

God is the true Giver of new things that last forever. When we come to Him through a new birth by faith in Christ, He gives us a new nature, a new heart, a new life, a new hope, and a new purpose. He takes ordinary people and makes them extraordinary.

Prayer: Father, thank you for making me a brand new person in Christ.

Scriptural Reading: 2 Corinthians 5:17-21


Living Word Devotional By Pastor Mensa Otabil. 

Saturday, 19th August, 2017


You shall follow what is altogether just, that you may live and inherit the land which the LORD your God is giving you. – Deuteronomy 16:20

Once we have heard the voice of God, we need to follow. The word “follow” means to deliberately decide to comply with instruction. It is a deliberate choice for the child of God to follow the voice of the Heavenly Father. We need to deliberately decide to follow the Lord’s instructions and to do what He tells us to do.

As you get to know the Lord better, you will come to realize that when He calls you, it is always worth obeying. When He says something, it is for your benefit. If He says, “Go this way,” it is because He has green pastures and still waters for you. If He says, “Stop! Don’t do that,” it is because He is trying to protect you from potential danger, possibly something that is even life-threatening.

The fact that God speaks to us is clear throughout the pages of Scripture. To some, like Moses, God spoke audibly. To others, like the prophet Elijah, He spoke quietly on at least one occasion.

Often we look for the big events, the earth-shaking circumstances in which God speaks. And many times He is speaking to us, but it is in a still, small voice. We should try turning off the television, the radio, and the telephone and just listen. With all the noise in our world, with all the information that bombards us, we can hear all those voices but miss the most important voice of all. Maybe one reason we don’t hear Him is because we never stop and listen.

When God Almighty speaks to you in that still, small voice, will you listen? Will you follow Him?

Prayer: Lord, I have set my heart on you to follow your purpose for my life.

Scriptural Reading: Deuteronomy 16:18-20


Living Word Devotional By Pastor Mensa Otabil. 

Friday, 18th August, 2017


Delight yourself also in the LORD, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. – Psalm 37:4

Whilst waiting for the full realization of what we have believed God for, we are encouraged to maintain an attitude of gratitude and joy by delighting ourselves in the Lord. That simply means to get excited about the things of God. It means to praise, worship and glorify the Lord even if the answers to our requests are delayed.

All of us get tempted to worship and praise God only when things are going on well with us. We get so obsessed with our problems and yield to despondency. The joy of the Lord dries up. The smile wears off our faces. Instead of living in expectancy of a miracle we allow the spirit of depression to dominate our moods.

God requires that we delight ourselves in Him as part of the process for getting the desires of our hearts fulfilled.

• Practice Praise. When you are tempted to yield to self-pity, just open your mouth and speak words of thanks and gratitude to God. Your feelings may be down but allow praise to well up in your heart.

• Participate in the joy of others. When you hear that someone else has received a miracle or been blessed by God, share in their joy and be genuinely happy for them

• Promote God’s work. Occupy your time of waiting with service in the house of God. Let His work be your delight and He will make your delight His work.

Prayer: My soul, rejoice in the Lord God for He is good and His mercies are everlasting.

Scriptural Reading: Psalm 37:1-11


Living Word Devotional By Pastor Mensa Otabil. 

Thursday, 17th August, 2017


Oh, that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men! – Psalm 107:8

In the Old Testament, we find an interesting story of how King Jehoshaphat took an uncommon approach when his enemies waged war against him. Instead of sending in his army first, he sent in the choir and musicians. Imagine the scene: “All right, soldiers, tomorrow at dawn we will mount an offensive attack against the Assyrian army and the strategy is that the choir and the musicians will lead the attack”. Most of his soldiers might have thought he was out of his mind.

But God had directed Jehoshaphat in this unusual battle tactic. We read that Jehoshaphat appointed people to sing to the Lord, praise the beauty of holiness, and go out in front of the army saying, “Praise the Lord, for His mercy endures forever”. And that is exactly what they did. The Bible tells us that when they began to sing and praise, God sent an ambush against the enemy, and they were destroyed. They won a great victory not through ammunition, but through praise and thanksgiving.

In approaching God to ask for new blessings, we should never forget to thank Him for the blessings He has already given. There is tremendous power in thanksgiving.

Have you recently come to God for help and He came through for you? Did you come back to say “thank you”? If you would stop and think about how many of your prayers God have answered and how seldom you have come to Him just to give thanks, you will be ashamed of yourself. We should be just as deliberate in giving thanks to God as we are in asking for His help.

Prayer: I praise you, Lord, for you are good and your mercy endures forever.

Scriptural Reading: Psalm 107:1-16


Living Word Devotional By Pastor Mensa Otabil. 

Wednesday, 16th August, 2017

But avoid foolish disputes, genealogies, contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and useless. – Titus 3:9

The early Latin writer, Tertullian of Carthage, is said to have remarked that the one thing that converted him to Christianity was not the arguments they gave him, because he could find a counterpoint for every argument they would present. “But they demonstrated something I didn’t have. The thing that converted me to Christianity was the way that they loved each other,” he said.

Sometimes we get caught with a desire to prove that what we believe is right and get involved with comparative religious arguments. We allow those who oppose our faith to draw us into useless debates that lead to bitterness, anger and insults. In the end instead of showing Christ to our world, we show the world the worst side of our unsanctified character.

Our world is not looking for new arguments for Christ but a new life that makes Christ real. Our lives speak louder than all the Bible verses we can quote to prove our point. People can laugh at our devotion, propose counter-arguments for every point of view we have and even appear more successful than us but they cannot ignore the witness of a Christ-like life. When we are considerate to others and exhibit moral uprightness in both our personal and professional conduct, we present an unchallenged argument for the living Christ.

In our offices, schools and neighbourhood, many watch us to see whether the Jesus we profess is real or just a religious dogma. Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you and there will be no need for bitter contentions.

Prayer: Teach me your ways, O Lord, and let my life speak more than my words.

Scriptural Reading: Titus 3:1-11